Friday, 24 March 2017

My Style Camera Action Journey

A Journey to Freedom

This is the story of a Working- class Lagos girl with big dreams of changing her world and impacting the lives of others. She's not your everyday chick. She's the passion chaser with a white-collar job. 

Oh no it's 6:40 a.m. Gosh! I over slept again. Argh!! I need to get myself out of this house before 7:00 a.m. or I’d be so late.
Didi rushes out the door after a 5 minute bath, and a 10 minute dress up. She rushes into her car and is off to work. Not long after she's stuck in traffic, and is staring at her wind-screen, wishing she could fly over the traffic with her car. Wow! That traffic, at the Ajah roundabout. At this point, she's 5 minutes away from her office, but it feels like she's 10 hours away. 
She has considered abandoning her car and walking down, her office is just a stone throw away anyway. That won't work since she still needs the car. Now she's officially late and grumpy, she looks downcast as she walks into the office at 7:45am, when office call time is 7:30 latest.
Her boss is staring at her like 'Today Again’. 
My drama filled life. This is what happens, when you work two Jobs, in Lagos. You get paid for one and you constantly work hard to build the other.
She gets to work, with a dozen things on her mind. Almost thinking out loud, she’s playing her plans in her head. It’s a fresh start this New Year (2016), my long to-do list is endless. How in the world am I going to get all this done, while working my 9-5 job (or you mean 9-7 job and sometimes 9-5 on the weekends).
Hmm! You know how your blogging career crashed when you thought you could do it all?
Oh well! That doesn’t matter “When there is a will, there is a way” Yes she had blogged about young talented people, carving a niche for themselves in the creative industry. She wasn’t frequent with posting on her blog, she never promoted the blog, and she sometimes forgot she had a blog. I wonder how she expected people to know about it.
Now it’s time to get this thing out once more. Didi the workaholic, so what’s your plan for the next Aprilseed initiative? What about the Event that keeps popping up in your head, can you finally get it out there? You wouldn’t be the only one; people come up with beautiful ideas in Lagos, every other day.
They say make the Vision clear and run with it, you’ve spoken to your sister about this a million times, and she is 100% supportive.
You can do this Didi, you can do this. With a good plan you can.
All these questions and answers sef, you see you like to over-think things, just host this fashion event and get it over with. A lot of budding fashion-entrepreneurs need this. Nigeria needs this… Oh stop the save the world speech and just get it done.
She calls up her friend Rose; she answers with a shout “Didi”… whats up! Didi loves the excitement in her voice, she replies Rose how far na? What about our discussion the other day, can we meet up this weekend at our usual Pizza spot? We need to prepare the proposal. Rose replies with a Yes, sure we can.
Fast forward to Sunday, Didi and Rose are having lunch. Rose is the friend who always has the wild ideas and a critic point of view about everything. While they discuss about Didi’s project, Rose is amazed about the idea and is wondering why Didi will want to put in so much work into an event. She asks, are you now an Event planner? What did you say the name of the project is again? Didi replies I’d use the name of my blog, “What we Love” What a boring name for an event, Rose replies in her usual critic way. Think of something else abeg. Didi decides to brainstorm for a name later in the week.
Rose is still concerned, so she had to ask, “This particular group of people you are reaching out to, what do you have to offer them? Didi takes a long breath and replies; I don’t have to have what to offer, it is a platform. All I need to do is get people who have something to offer to feed those who need what they have.
The project without a name has a purpose. Allow me serve it to you in my next post.

Dear Woman you are special, strong, and brave, you are good at multi-taskingand you’re purposeful. Don’t let anybody tell you the opposite. Just do you.

Edidiong Eyire is a Banker; she is also the founder of the April seed Company. Aprilseed is a Youth Empowermentorganization. Style Camera Action is an initiative of Aprilseed.

To connect follow her on instagram- @eddy_eyire and @stylecameration for updates on the next project.
Visit email- for more information.



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