Sunday, 25 August 2013


Omoniyegha Tema Tinzu(a.k.a TEMATINZ) is my first talented feature on my blog.
I'm happy to introduce to you the multi-talented young man. A student of University of Lagos Nigeria, who caught my attention with his unique and beautiful jewelry designs.
The arts behind this designs is amazing and really fashionable. You can wear this pieces on your traditional attires as well as your casual attires. It all depends on how fashionable you want to be. You can try them out however way you want. TEMATINZ has got it all figured out with his designs.

To get in touch with him you can follow him on twitter-@tematinz, same as on Instagram.
Here as some of his designs.

Thursday, 1 August 2013


The youth in our country need to be mentored. They need people to look up to. They need guidance and direction. There are no easily accessible mentors to help them achieve their Dreams. They end up giving up on them. There is a saying 'your destiny is in your hands'  you don't have to be shown how to get to ur destiny. But guess what? We would have more focused people if  we develop platforms to mentor our youth.
We need to take the responsibility of helping each other grow.
Did you know that you can benefit from being a mentor to someone? Mentoring has been proven to improve health, give you a sense of belonging and purpose, create a feeling of achievement and makes you feel appreciated. People who mentor others at the workplace are likely to grow fast in the organization.
Students who are being mentored are likely not to drop out of school, do drugs, and depend on others. It builds self esteem in the youth, creates a sense of direction and focus. It also helps them maintain healthier relationships and encourages confident and bold attitude to life.
To maintain healthy mentor-mentee relationships,  you would need to build your network, develop new skills, make new friends, love yourself, be willing to learn from people, be in tune with the younger generation and the things happening around you.

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