Saturday, 13 October 2012

Discovering your Talent

No doubt, people get confused about what they want in life and can't figure out how to get there. Especially in our community where young people get discouraged everyday from pursuing their real passion and interests. They are not enough resources and information and people end up running around in circles and not fulfilling destiny.
I remeber when i was a teen and someone drove up to me and told me i was really pretty and asked if i'd like to model. I thought it was funny, but i later gave it a thought and decided to take it seriously, even though i didn't get the job, i became  interested in it but i got duped on my first personal try and subsequently it became harder for me because i never got a good agent and never got a good job even though i loved it. How sad, but all hope is not lost.
I want this to be an avenue for young people to interact and for pictures of aspiring talents to be uploaded here, and given opportunities to grow in their fields.
WWLTD is on the look for great talents, and would not stop at that, but would also like to help connect them on this platform to mentors and employees who could train and develop them to becoming what they want to be.
Help make this happen. If you have teens or young adults at home that have interests and need to be encouraged, contact us by sending an e-mail to and they'll have no regrets.

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