Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A World With No Problems

Imagine a world with no problems. A world where people have no major issues. A world without aspiration, without anything to challenge you or trigger the fire in you.
The worlds greatest men are birth in times of great challenges.  This is why a problem should be looked at from a positive perspective. A problem only gives you a chance to come up with a solution and develop more solutions for people with similar problems.
Problems also birth ideas. Only a really troubled person who has been so caught up with the issues of life, would birth the worlds lasting solution. Innovative people are problem solvers.
For several years I asked myself 'What can you do to make living life better'? and I answered, anything you do that touches lifes, that improves the well being of people, is worth doing.
I often think of Great men who changed peoples lives through their inventions, productions and Creativity. The impact of Mark Zuckerberg in our generation, would always be felt.
I know so many people have not been given the opportunity to express their true potential. Theres no limit to what a person can do if given the chance or opportunity to do what they know best. If not given an opportunity, then by all means create one.

I've been silent for a while, I just popped in to drop my thoughts. I'd hopefully be more active with my projects in progress.
Remember. ..Impossible is Nothing. Keep winning.

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