Monday, 25 November 2013


Alafe adebimpe is a young and talented teen who is passionate about fashion. Whatelove, loves fashionable youth.
Bimpe is the creative Director of Glam Label. She fell in love with fashion when she was an intern at a fashion house. In her own words 'I started with tacking buttons,sequins and all other handwork. Its been over a year now and i'm loving every bit of it,every bit fashion has got to offer.'

She spends time sewing niece pieces and exploring fashion. She has a passion for sewing and designing, and she's determined to work hard at it.
In the next five years, she can see her fashion line going international,and winning awards.. Yes! She can'
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Keep it up Glam Label...We Love you.

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To order trendy ankara bags,bangles,earrings,ipad case,hair accessories,slippers,Ankara frames,female apparels,pillows,neck piece... She makes EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!!!

Your Life your Rules

Your life is a journey. You pick what you need and drop what you don't need while on your way.
You owe nobody anything, but you owe yourself a chance to succeed. You have the choice of failure and the choice of success. If you succeed you'll end up blessed and lucky. On the other hand, if you fail, you'll probably end up frustrated.
You call the shots. You have the say. No one else really does, not even those who brought you into the world. God has the ultimate plan, but you are the major orchestrator.
Be careful of the decisions you make, but don't be too careful. Beware of wrong company and the friends you keep, but don't be too choosey. Check the information and news you receive but don't be too picky. Make sure you are where you ought to be and not in the wrong place with the wrong crowd, but don't be too paranoid.
Be who you are and what God wants you to be.
You can never take back the moments past, you can never take back experiences and words said. You can never take back time past. Be sure your life is meaningful and you have a Great story to tell.
When you part make sure good songs would be sang about your life.


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