Wednesday, 15 March 2017

April Seed Vision

I won't say I've been gone for so long, and I haven't posted for decades...WWLTD blog will always be known for my first step, my baby step in putting my thoughts on paper. 
I didn't go away, I was always here you know, in the spirit. Lol.. I went out to work hard on Aprilseed. Good things don't come easy. You can say that a million times because when Aprilseed was founded in the Year 2014. I didn't know I'd tell a story like this in 2017.
This Blog is my first born but Aprilseed is my second born(My first son)
I was born in the month of April, its not hard to understand where the word April came from. A unique being born to impact her world. Made in Gods own image. Made to perfection, sculpted in pure awesomeness.. now I'm toasting myself. But that's how God sees us. 
Aprilseed was founded to showcase young talents in the Creative industry and it has lived up to its expectation.
Let me tell you about Aprilseeds first initiative, The Style Camera Action Event held on Oct 22nd 2016. 
SCA 2016 showcased Fashion entrepreneurs in 4 categories : Make-up Artistes, Photographers, Fashion bloggers and Stylists.
This event held at The Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello way, V.I Lagos.
It was full of fun and was a unique opportunity for the contestants. 
Four groups consisting of Four categories contested for the Star Prize.
The contestants had Live make-over sessions on stage with judges observing and judging their work. 
We love Oct 22nd 2016 and can't wait for the next edition this year. 
This was a great experience and I had to put this down here to explain why I haven't blogged in forever. If this can pass as a good excuse.
These are my favorite photos of the event if you ask me.. checkout for more.


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