Sunday, 19 August 2012

Who Says Your Dreams are Silly

Nobody believes in you, until you actualise your Dreams. The journey always seems tough but you must first of all believe that you can do it and that inner strength would keep you going. Believing in yourself would also give you the courage to overcome the storms.
If you desire to do great in anything you put your mind to do, be it Fashion, Music, Acting, Technology, Poetry and so on, just stay focused and love what you do.

Whatwelove seeks to encourage young people from their teenage years to indulge in what they love, and not just what people around want from them. Join in this course by encouraging those creative minds you know to send pictures or videos of what they can do or love doing to or follow me on twitter- @whatwelove7. Pictures of their great ideas would be uploaded on this blog for people to view and encourage their work.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Focus on your future, let go of your past and embrace the present. Once you are given an opportunity, hold on to it and dont let it go.
When your are young, any opportunity given to you is considered a great chance and a stepping stone.
Teenagers need to know that life with purpose is time well spent.
Spend time trying to figure out the next step to take in life.
There are always challenges people face on the path to success, but you must not focus on the challenges, finding a way out of those challenges would strengthen you. This means that you must not make excuses for failure.
Staying focused is compulsory for anyone who wants to be successful.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Having a brand new idea comes from the need to inspire yourself. Never wait to be told who you are and several reasons why you can not be who you want to be.
As I type this note, I am thinking how bright the future of our country could be, if each one of the younger generation chooses to be better at what they want to do.
Listen to the inner -mind inside you that says you can do better than what you can do today.
The need to focus on building yourself comes from the inner desire to build a great future.
When you have a great idea and a great dream dont let it die. Do it. Make it fun and you'll never regret it.
The aim of What we Love is to build more focused Nigerian youths. To change our sad stories to great stories.

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