Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Opportunity and Preperation

This is one Great phrase that's been on my mind. You have one chance at a great opportunity, and two options. It's either you Win or Fail. 
Get ready for what's before you. You never know when opportunity might come knocking. Put in great hours of practice. Make out time to learn and gain knowledge. You have a greater chance at your opponent when you are ready.
Most times we are relaxed, hoping and waiting for a miracle. The thing is a miracle won't happen if you are not prepared to receive it.

With great expectations, work with courage and discipline. Be persistent in acquiring skills and knowledge.
I love the saying,

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”-Henry Hartman

Go get your dreams but make sure your are not too late. Make sure you gave it your very best and even if you had to loose, the reason is justified. You did your best anyway.
The Best is yet to come. 
Just my thoughts on paper.

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