Thursday, 5 June 2014

Aint Nobody Got Time..

Time is not to be wasted. Get your mind ticking like a clock. The common fact about time is that it never waits. So you've got to do what you've got to do.
Someone once told me in a Time Management class 'Every year you're going to be wishing you where a year younger and did what you had to do last year'. Its totally true, at least for most adults.
Live for every moment, seize every opportunity. Make it all worth it, because you'll never get it back.
Time is just as precious as money. Make plans, follow them through. Take every given day seriously because its such a blessing.
This year marks the birth of The AprilSeed Talent Management group. My dream is to build dreams, and make them work. I never say never. If I fail, I only keep trying.
AprilSeed is all about identifying and nurturing young peoples talents. I believe that the time factor is important in identifying people's talents. The earlier the better.  The earlier an individual is discovered, the more positive and productive they would be.
A child grows to understand what he/she is made for. Guidiance just makes self discovery better. We can be more productive people, with more productive youth if we start early.
God Loves me so much, he made me a blessing.
Stay Blessed.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A World With No Problems

Imagine a world with no problems. A world where people have no major issues. A world without aspiration, without anything to challenge you or trigger the fire in you.
The worlds greatest men are birth in times of great challenges.  This is why a problem should be looked at from a positive perspective. A problem only gives you a chance to come up with a solution and develop more solutions for people with similar problems.
Problems also birth ideas. Only a really troubled person who has been so caught up with the issues of life, would birth the worlds lasting solution. Innovative people are problem solvers.
For several years I asked myself 'What can you do to make living life better'? and I answered, anything you do that touches lifes, that improves the well being of people, is worth doing.
I often think of Great men who changed peoples lives through their inventions, productions and Creativity. The impact of Mark Zuckerberg in our generation, would always be felt.
I know so many people have not been given the opportunity to express their true potential. Theres no limit to what a person can do if given the chance or opportunity to do what they know best. If not given an opportunity, then by all means create one.

I've been silent for a while, I just popped in to drop my thoughts. I'd hopefully be more active with my projects in progress.
Remember. ..Impossible is Nothing. Keep winning.


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