Tuesday, 9 September 2014

5 Tips You Need to Build a Good Network

Building a network is a good way to grow in every area of life. You'd always need people, and when I mean people, I mean the right people. 
How do you build your network of creative and influential people? 
Here are 5 quick tips

1. Try to meet 5 new people at every gathering, party and event: When you meet a new person always find an area of interest where you have same views, that way you can gain from each other.

2. Build your Brand: Always bear in mind that your a special brand. You are unique and there are special qualities you have that others don't, so sell yourself at every chance you get.

3. Attend functions and gatherings where you can connect with like minds: You must surround yourself with people in your industry. People that think and function like you do.

4. Make sure you keep contacts: Keeping contacts and information should be a habit. You'll never know when you need a helping hand.

5. Smile: You attract the best people when you smile. This is the best tip and one that I need to work on as well. Smile before you get into a room, smile before starting a conversation, smile while having the conversation. Smile at all times. It's a Magic Gate-pass.

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